Living Memorials Collection

Living memorials are a beautiful, environmentally-friendly memorial option with a distinct focus on life and its meaning.

Visual changes which living memorials undergo during different seasons create different looks throughout the year, making a connection with the life cycle itself and that of a loved one.

Nature enthusiasts will find comfort in knowing that living memorials also help create natural habitats for wildlife so commonly found on our grounds.


A variety of trees have been planted in our gardens to provide natural, living memorials. Tree plots are available in 50” circles. We are able to place small granite memorials inside tree plots for anyone who is looking to combine contemporary and traditional cremation memorial options.

Family Gardens

Family Gardens are dedicated to individual families and are planted separately. All family garden plots are available in 38”, 50” and 60” circles. Small granite memorials can be placed inside the plot, providing a distinct, private area for you to visit and tend.

Individual Rose Beds

Our rose trees and bushes provide a beautiful and traditional form of remembrance. They are arranged in individual beds and can be marked with a dedication plaque or garden memorial. Rose positions are available in 30” circles.

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There are almost no limits to how you can remember your loved one. Memorialisation is a meaningful way of creating something that will withstand the test of time and a place you can visit and return to on different occasions.

Useful symbols associated with each memorial item, will help guide you through a variety of options, whether you are looking for a memorial at our crematoria or in a private location.

Our team of experts will be able to guide you through your memorial journey.    Read More...